Special Note:  In some instances we have chosen referral links to organizations that may not adhere to our denominational or doctrinal beliefs but show a unified front to stop abortion, to halt altogether embryonic stem cell research, to eradicate human trafficking and modern day slavery, to heal racial tensions and to prevent the wide scale or random cruelty to animals.  In some cases the organizations are secular in nature while in other instances they are ministries which adhere to different denominational beliefs.  We believe, however, that the below list of organizations and ministries have shown balance in meeting their respective objectives and have adhered to their mission statements by partnering with others who have a common goal and interest in mind to restraining specific evils while educating the general public regarding the problem.  Therefore these organizations have been listed below as referrals.       


American Christian History

Animal Welfare Organizations
HSUS-The Humane Society of the United States
Massachusetts – The Humane Society of United States
GREY2K USA Worldwide

Defending Christian Freedom
Alliance Defending Freedom
Family Research Council

Liberty Council

Don Sunshine Ministries

Evangelistic Outreach Ministries
Dream Center
Metro World Child

Food Safety
Cornucopia Institute

Homes For Unwed Mothers
Friends For The Unborn

Healing Racial Tensions
High Impact Leadership Coalition 
The Reconciled Church

Human Trafficking   
Abolition Now
Mission: RescueLife
Stella’s Voice

Wellspring Living

Humanitarian Christian Organizations

Food for the Hungry

Life Today
Map International
Metro World Child
Operation Blessing International
Samaritan’s Purse
Salvation Army
World Vision International

Messianic Jewish Groups
Christian Jewish Foundation Ministries (CJF)
Directory of Messianic Organizations in Israel
Jews for Jesus
Messianic Jewish Bible Institute

Global Ventures

Gospel for Asia

Open Doors
Rescue Christians

Voice of the Martyrs

Pro-Family Organizations
American Family Association 
Focus on the Family
Massachusetts Family Institute

Post-Abortion Healing & Recovery Ministries
Project Rachael
Rachel’s Vineyard Ministries
Ramah International

Pro-Life Organizations
40 Days for Life
40 Days for Life Boston
American Life League
Center for Bio-Ethical Reform
Children of God for Life
Life Dynamics

Maafa 21
Operation Rescue
Operation Outcry
Priest’s For Life
Silent No More
The Justice Foundation – Operation Outcry

Pro-Marriage Organizations
National Organization for Marriage

Recovery from Sexual Addictions & Homosexuality
Genesis Counseling

SBM Worldwide,Inc.

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