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Oath of God Ministries was created for the sole purpose of praying for others.   We continue to receive prayers from around the world.  Prayer is a wonderful privilege and we welcome every new request on a daily basis.   If you wish to have us pray for you, please visit our “prayer request” page and complete the contact form.  However, we can only receive prayers in the English language.  Kindly note that both your email address and prayer request will remain strictly confidential.  

We also hope you will visit our library of articles on prayer, repentance and healing.  We urge you to view our social injustice section to better understand the misery and plight of those who can no longer defend themselves against the oppression and cruelties imposed by others.  In prayer you should always ask the Holy Spirit to provide you with a specific action to help those who are unable to help themselves.   

Oath of God Ministries is not a 501C3 non-profit organization which allows us an unfettered freedom to speak the heart of God.  We do not ask for money nor do we solicit donations.  

We hope that you will be blessed while visiting Oath of God Ministries.


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